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Father Attempts to Save 4-Year-Old Son in Frozen Pond, Dies

Father Attempts to Save 4-Year-Old Son in Frozen Pond, Dies
Source: Sky News

In a heartbreaking incident in Carmel, Maine, Kevin Howell, the town manager, lost his life while attempting to rescue his family after falling through the ice-covered Etna Pond. The tragedy unfolded early on a Friday morning as Howell, 51, was out walking with his son, less than half a mile from their home.

Father Attempts to Save 4-Year-Old Son in Frozen Pond, Dies

Source: Evening Standard

Father and Son Fall Through Ice, Prompting Frantic Rescue Attempt

According to the Penobscot County Sheriff’s Office, both Howell and his son fell through the ice during their walk. In a display of courage, Howell managed to pull his son out of the freezing water and onto the ice. Instructing his son to seek help from his mother, Howell faced the treacherous situation alone.

Detective’s Brave Ice Crawl Saves Mother, but Town Manager Succumbs to Tragic Accident

Upon hearing the distressing situation, Howell’s wife rushed to the scene with an anchor and a rope to assist her husband. However, tragedy struck again as she, too, fell through the ice and couldn’t free herself. A 911 call from Howell’s wife reached Penobscot Sheriff Detective Jordan Norton, who happened to be in the vicinity and swiftly responded. Detective Norton, navigating the perilous ice, crawled across while holding onto the rope and successfully pulled Howell’s wife to safety. Although reunited with her son, there was no sign of Kevin Howell.

Father Attempts to Save 4-Year-Old Son in Frozen Pond, Dies

Source: Yahoo News

Despite the arrival of divers from the Maine Warden Service, the State Police, and the Carmel Fire Department, Howell’s body was eventually recovered shortly before 2 p.m. It took around 20 minutes of intense searching by two warden service divers, bringing an end to a tragic chapter. The heroic efforts of Howell to save his family and Detective Norton’s courageous ice crawl to rescue the mother underscore the devastating consequences of an unexpected accident. The tight-knit community of Carmel mourns the loss of their town manager, emphasizing the importance of caution and awareness in winter conditions.

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