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Tragic Loss Strikes Infant in Queens Migrant Shelter, Investigation Underway

In a devastating turn of events, a 3-month-old girl, residing in a migrant shelter in Queens, New York, has tragically passed away from apparent cardiac arrest, as announced by the New York Police Department. The heartbreaking incident unfolded when emergency services responded to a call reporting that the infant had suddenly stopped breathing.

Tragic Loss Strikes Infant in Queens Migrant Shelter, Investigation Underway
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Heartbreaking Incident Unfolds as 3-Month-Old Girl Dies of Apparent Cardiac Arrest

The New York Police Department received a distressing call on a Sunday afternoon from a family member at the Queens County Inn and Suites in Long Island City. The 3-month-old girl, living in the migrant shelter, had stopped breathing unexpectedly. Emergency workers promptly arrived at the ninth floor of the facility and rushed the infant to Mount Sinai Queens. Despite their efforts, the child could not be revived.

The cause of death is yet to be officially determined, and the medical examiner’s office is set to conduct an investigation, as reported by PIX11. Members of the examiner’s office were observed entering the hotel Sunday evening. Authorities, however, conveyed to ABC7 that the death did not appear suspicious.

Swift Emergency Response: Authorities Rush to Queens County Inn and Suites

The swift response of emergency workers and authorities to the distress call underscores the urgency and gravity of the situation. Racing against time to provide medical assistance, they transported the infant to Mount Sinai Queens in a bid to save her life. Despite their best efforts, the tragic outcome has left the community and the city grappling with the loss of a young life.

The City’s Department of Social Services Expresses Condolences and Assures Support

Reacting to the heart-wrenching incident, the city’s Department of Social Services expressed deep condolences and assured ongoing support for the grieving family. In a statement to PIX11, the department emphasized its commitment to the health and safety of shelter residents, noting that non-profit provider staff responded immediately to ensure the appropriate medical support.

“Our deepest condolences go out to all who have been impacted, and we stand ready to provide the family with every support we can during this incredibly difficult time,” the Department of Social Services conveyed.

Tragic Loss Strikes Infant in Queens Migrant Shelter, Investigation Underway
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As the community mourns the loss of the 3-month-old girl, questions surround the circumstances leading to the tragic event. The pending investigation by the medical examiner will shed light on the cause of death, providing insights into this heartbreaking incident that has left a lasting impact on those connected to the migrant shelter in Queens.

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