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Missing Man’s Body Found in Chimney of Georgia Rental Home

In a startling turn of events, the lifeless body of Anthony Rumplik, a 43-year-old man missing since late December, was discovered stuffed inside the chimney of the Georgia house he had been renting. Bibb County sheriff’s deputies revealed that the grim finding occurred on Friday, shedding light on the mysterious circumstances surrounding Rumplik’s disappearance.

Missing Man's Body Found in Chimney of Georgia Rental Home
Source: ABC 33/40

Mysterious Circumstances Unveiled

Rumplik’s roommate made the gruesome discovery when he noticed a ladder propped against their Macon residence on Friday. Upon investigating, he found Rumplik’s body wrapped in a blanket, wedged into the chimney. The harrowing condition of the remains suggested that Rumplik had succumbed to his fate several weeks prior, leaving a trail of questions for investigators.

Bibb County Coroner Leon Jones remarked on the advanced state of decomposition, indicating the extended period since Rumplik’s demise. The shocking revelation added a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation, prompting the involvement of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, which will conduct an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death.

Family’s Frustration with Law Enforcement

Rumplik’s family, hailing from Ohio, had recently traveled to Macon in a desperate attempt to locate him. His sister, Marlo Rumplik, disclosed that the last contact with Anthony was on December 28. She revealed that her brother had found himself in Macon after his motorcycle broke down during a trip to Florida the previous year.

The circumstances surrounding Rumplik’s disappearance raised concerns, as his Macon landlord reported him missing after discovering the door to his rental house ajar. This led to suspicions about the nature of his absence, prompting the law enforcement involvement that ultimately unveiled the tragic discovery in the chimney.

During the search, Marlo Rumplik expressed dissatisfaction with the sheriff’s department, accusing them of not doing enough to find her brother. She conveyed the family’s frustration, asserting that law enforcement seemed to categorize Anthony as “just another drug addict.” The ongoing investigation will undoubtedly delve into the adequacy of the search efforts and address any potential shortcomings in handling the case.

Missing Man's Body Found in Chimney of Georgia Rental Home
Source: The New York Times

A Troubled Journey to Tragic End

Anthony Rumplik’s life was marked by challenges, as revealed by his sister Marlo. Suffering from schizophrenia and kidney failure, Rumplik had experienced periods of homelessness in Macon and had been admitted to hospitals on multiple occasions. The troubling details of his life painted a poignant picture of a man grappling with mental health issues and physical ailments.

As the investigation continues, authorities aim to unravel the circumstances that led to Rumplik’s demise and address the concerns raised by his family.

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