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Former Recording Academy President Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit from Ex-Employee

Mike Greene Accused of Rape in Allegations Dating Back to 1994

In a disturbing turn of events, former President of the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences, Mike Greene, is facing serious allegations of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed by Terri McIntyre, the former head of the Los Angeles chapter of the Academy. The lawsuit claims a history of harassment and assault that allegedly occurred over a span of two years.

Former Recording Academy President Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit from Ex-Employee
Former Recording Academy President Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit from Ex-Employee: Michael Greene

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court, accuses Greene of drugging and raping McIntyre in 1994. McIntyre alleges that the Recording Academy, where she served as the head of the L.A. chapter, engaged in a cover-up by concealing evidence of Greene’s sexual misconduct. The complaint further contends that the Academy had a pattern of buying the silence of victims through the illegal use of confidentiality agreements.

The Recording Academy, in response to the allegations, stated that it declines to comment on the nearly 30-year-old incident due to pending litigation. The organization emphasized its current zero-tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct.

Mike Greene, who resigned from the Academy in 2002 amidst scrutiny over leadership and allegations of assault and harassment, has not yet commented on the recent accusations.

According to the lawsuit, McIntyre was allegedly told by Greene upon her hiring in 1994 that performing sexual acts was an expectation for her employment progression within the Recording Academy. After rejecting his advances, McIntyre claims that Greene orchestrated incidents of assault, including one where she was drugged and woke up in his bed.

The lawsuit details another assault at Greene’s Malibu residence, where McIntyre was allegedly coerced into performing oral sex under false pretenses.

McIntyre further claims that the Recording Academy had no proper channels for reporting misconduct at the time, and when she expressed concerns about feeling unsafe, higher-ups allegedly reminded her of Greene’s influence in the music industry and his untouchable status.

The lawsuit includes allegations of severance packages and payments offered by the Recording Academy and Greene to multiple female employees in exchange for signing nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements. It also points to settlements, including one for $650,000, related to sexual harassment complaints against Greene.

Terri McIntyre did not report the incidents to law enforcement at the time due to alleged threats from Greene that he would harm her professional standing in the music industry.

The complaint, filed for sexual battery, assault, and negligence, sheds light on the Recording Academy’s alleged tolerance of Greene’s history of sexual misconduct.

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