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Las Vegas Police Officer Sentenced to 12 Years for Casino Heists Totaling $165K

A Las Vegas police officer, Caleb Rogers, has been sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for his involvement in a series of casino heists that netted nearly $165,000. The officer was found guilty of brandishing his department-issued weapon during one of the robberies.


Las Vegas Police Officer Sentenced to 12 Years for Casino Heists Totaling $165K
Las Vegas Police Officer Sentenced to 12 Years for Casino Heists Totaling $165K

Caleb Rogers, 35, had been on unpaid suspension and in a solo jail cell for nearly 20 months since his arrest. During his sentencing, he offered an apology for his actions, acknowledging the impact on his family and others. His mother, Crystal Rogers, expressed support for her son, though she mentioned her displeasure with the situation.

Rogers’ arrest in February 2022 took place after a confrontation with casino security officers in a parking lot near the Las Vegas Strip, during which he brandished his service weapon. One security guard was so shaken by the incident that he left his job and changed careers.

While in custody, Rogers reflected on the consequences of his actions and expressed a desire for redemption. U.S. District Judge Andrew Gordon recognized that Rogers had struggled with a gambling addiction and financial difficulties and credited him for his prior service to the community.

Rogers’ lawyer, Richard Pocker, argued for leniency, highlighting his client’s contributions to a family ministry, assistance to homeless individuals, and prior work as an emergency medical technician. Pocker also emphasized the irony that being a police officer was being used as a reason for harsher punishment.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has stated that Rogers’ job status will be determined by an ongoing internal investigation. The judge sentenced Rogers to 12 years, less than the possible maximum of 22 years, along with an additional three years of supervised release and an order to pay $85,310 in restitution to the casinos.

Judge Gordon acknowledged Rogers’ past community service but noted that his personal challenges ultimately led him down a criminal path. Rather than seeking help, Rogers turned to armed robbery.

Rogers was a patrol officer at the time of the casino heists, which began in November 2021, targeting casinos off the Las Vegas Strip. In July, a jury found him guilty of all three robberies and an enhancement for brandishing his weapon, resulting in a mandatory seven-year addition to his sentence.

Rogers’ lawyer plans to appeal both the convictions and the sentence to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, particularly challenging the government’s evidence linking him to two of the robberies.

Throughout the trial, prosecutors portrayed Rogers as a gambling addict overwhelmed by debt. He had reportedly enlisted his younger brother, Josiah Rogers, to assist in robbing a casino in Summerlin, a Las Vegas community. Josiah, who testified under immunity from prosecution, provided details of the robbery at the Red Rock Casino in November 2021.

The brothers had allegedly rehearsed the heist, planned their actions using an encrypted messaging app, and divided the stolen money on a dining table in their shared apartment. Josiah kept $30,000 and later relocated to their hometown in Columbus, Ohio. Caleb Rogers was also found guilty of robbing the Aliante Casino Hotel Spa in North Las Vegas and the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino.

In the last heist, Rogers threatened to use a gun and stole $79,000 before being apprehended by security guards outside the casino.

Caleb Rogers’ sentencing serves as a reminder of the challenges law enforcement officers can face, including personal struggles and temptations. The case also highlights the justice system’s response to wrongdoing within its ranks.

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