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US Air Force Proactive Response to Counter China’s Growing Military Threat

Proactive response of the US Air Force to overhaul its operations in response to the growing military threat from China.

The proactive response initiated by the US Air Force to enhance its capabilities and readiness in the face of growing great power competition, particularly from China. (Photo: Space News)

US Air Force Proactive Response To Counter China’s Military Rise

C4ISRNet – During an address, at the Air and Space Forces Associations Air, Space and Cyber Conference held in National Harbor, Maryland Frank Kendall, the Secretary of the U.S. Air Force unveiled a new initiative as a proactive response aimed at transforming how both the Air Force and Space Force operate in response to the growing military threat posed by China.

Over the months senior leaders within the Department of the Air Force will conduct a comprehensive review to identify areas for improvement in terms of organization, training, equipment, recruitment and retention of personnel, readiness levels, as well as mission support. The ultimate objective is to augment their capabilities and effectiveness amidst an era marked by power competition.

Kendall stressed the need for implementation of these changes with a target deadline set for January 2024. To ensure success five dedicated teams will be established to focus on aspects of this overhaul; these areas include organizational structure enhancements, equipment upgrades, more effective personnel management strategies readiness optimization efforts as well, as improved mission support mechanisms.

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Charting the Path Forward: US Air Force’s Proactive Response to China’s Military Modernization

According to the article of Defense News, China’s significant modernization efforts in its air and naval forces, coupled with a rocket force capable of targeting vital U.S. assets, including aircraft carriers and airfields, have prompted this proactive response. Kendall stressed that the U.S. must adapt and optimize its forces for great power competition, echoing China’s approach.

While the Air Force has already made strides in transforming its operations, including the establishment of a new command and multi-capable airmen roles, Kendall emphasized that more changes are necessary.

Additionally, Kendall urged Congress to swiftly pass a budget to avoid operating under a continuing resolution, which hampers military planning and execution. He also raised concerns about delays in general officer nominations and highlighted the Pentagon’s “quickstart proposal” as a reform to improve operational efficiency and prevent unnecessary setbacks.

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