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Empowering Young Men Through the Durham Success Summit’s Workforce Development Center

The inauguration of the Durham Success Summit’s Workforce Development Center and its mission on empowering young men in the community.

Workforce Development Center as a catalyst for change, empowering young men. (Photo: Duke Office of Durham and Community Affairs)

Durham Success Summit’s Center, Empowering Young Men Amidst Gentrification

According to Ground News, the newly established Workforce Development Center by the Durham Success Summit is dedicated to empowering young men, aged 16 to 24, through targeted advice and mentorship from peers who have achieved success early in their lives. Situated in close proximity to a partially demolished neighborhood store, the center’s location highlights the challenges of gentrification in Durham.

Amid this backdrop, the center stands as a beacon of opportunity, striving to uplift, empowering young men and provide them with the tools and guidance needed to thrive in the face of transformation.

Derek Rhodes, a local success story, shared his vision for the Durham Success Summit’s groundbreaking Workforce Development Center. With roots in the Bull City, Rhodes aimed to provide ambitious empowering young men with a chance to thrive, unfettered by GPA requirements or formal education prerequisites. The only prerequisites were a readiness to collaborate, a commitment to regular attendance, and trust in the 12-week journey toward success.

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Mentorship and Resilience Thrive at Durham’s Dynamic Center

Based on the article of ABC 11, inside the Durham’s center, guidance and mentorship flowed from peers who have achieved success early in their lives, like Kobe Williams, sporting an Elon University t-shirt. Williams emphasized the center’s atmosphere of deep thinking and knowledge advancement. “The Success Summit brings together ambitious, curious minds dedicated to fostering prosperity in Durham and beyond. I cherish this environment and the opportunities it provides,” Williams said passionately.

Amid the backdrop of a partially demolished neighborhood store—a symbol of Durham’s gentrification—the program’s architects were resolute about ensuring that empowering young men were not marginalized. Rhodes, echoing this sentiment, underlined the significance of their location. “We deliberately chose to be near downtown, embedded in a community with ties to black Wall Street, service, and development. Partnering with Rivals Barbershop, a local institution, ensures our empowering young men are well-prepared for job interviews and school.”

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