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The 70-Year-Old Powerball Lottery Winner Revealed To Use $50,000 Prize To Fulfill His Bucket List

The Powerball lottery winner of the $50,000 prize revealed that he will use the money for a Caribbean cruise.

The 70-Year-Old Powerball Lottery Winner Revealed To Use $50,000 Prize To Fulfill His Bucket List (Photo: WBAL TV)

The winner of a $50,000 prize in the Maryland Lottery from Clinton has no plans to make changes to his lifestyle. On August 18, the Powerball lottery winner came to the Maryland Lottery headquarters to claim his reward, and he disclosed that he would use the money to cross things off his “bucket list.”

Recent $50,000 Powerball lottery winnings were made by a 70-year-old man from Clinton, Maryland

On August 18, the Powerball lottery winner, who wished to remain unnamed, went to the Maryland Lottery headquarters to pick up his award. 

The Powerball lottery winner wants to take a Caribbean cruise, specifically to Puerto Rico, and go ocean fishing.

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The Powerball lottery winner’s brother advised him that he could combine several of the items on his bucket list into a single trip and still have money to spare. 

The Powerball lottery winner is looking forward to going on a trip and going ocean fishing because he has never done either before. 

He loves a quiet existence and doesn’t give much thought to where he purchases his lottery tickets or for which drawing they are intended.

Buying tickets, putting them in a bucket, and checking them later is how the man, now the Powerball lottery winner, plays the lotto. This initially caused him to be uncertain about where he purchased the winning ticket. 

He eventually realized that it was a quick-pick ticket from the July 22 Powerball drawing that he had bought from Tucker’s Liquors in Clinton.

The winning ticket was purchased at Tucker’s Liquors, located at 8100 Old Alexandria Ferry Road in Clinton, and the prize was claimed by the Powerball lottery winner about a month after the drawing. In the drawing on July 22, the quick-pick ticket had four white balls and the red Powerball number matching.

The Powerball lottery winner’s attitude toward playing the lottery and his modest expectations for the rewards reveal an intriguing facet of lottery players in the region. It serves as a reminder that not every Powerball lottery winner has grand intentions for their newly acquired fortune.

This most recent win adds to a long list of winners in the state, which the Maryland Lottery continues to offer residents opportunities to win large prizes.

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