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Warning! These Nashville Neighborhoods Are Dangerous!

Get to know these various Nashville neighborhoods that are considered dangerous.

Warning! These Nashville Neighborhoods Are Dangerous! (Photo: Belle Air Mansion)

Nashville has a reputation for music that, among other things, makes all situations gleam and sparkle. To mention a few, there is the historical yearly art festival, the vibrant nightlife, and the art gallery that is home to the largest Kurdish community in North America. The criminal incidents in the various Nashville neighborhoods, however, are not making it shimmer.

Nashville is the capital of the American state of Tennessee.

While music frequently takes center stage, the city is also home to a vibrant restaurant culture, lovely green areas like Centennial Park, an abundance of art galleries, and hot chicken at Hattie B’s. 

Despite the beauty and glamour of the city, behind it lies the dangerous side that Nashville neighborhoods bring due to the increasing crimes. 

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Dangerous Nashville Neighborhoods that you should be aware of.


The name “single mother’s neighborhood” has come to be associated with Bordeaux through the years. In Bordeaux, at least 20% of homes are headed by a single mother, therefore it’s not without justification.

Although it is a river village, the views of the city are spectacular. The 5,092 residents here strive to get by in this generally low-income area. 

For every 100,000 residents, there are 9,662 crimes overall, with 2,720 violent crimes and 6,942 property crimes considering it as one of the dangerous Nashville neighborhoods. In reality, Bordeaux has 617% more violent crimes per capita than the average for the country. 

Due to the dispersed nature of minor crimes, even on public transportation, reports of pickpocketing or cash mugging are rare.

Fortunately, there are few or no shooting events, and reported murders are the least common type of violent crime. However, occurrences of robbery assault have barely decreased in the past five years, still making it as one of Nashville neighborhoods that is dangerous to visit.

Moving around the neighborhood, whether by bike or on foot, will be incident-free, with the exception of the problem of speeding automobiles, which even resulted in a child’s death early in 2019.


Buena Vista Heights

With 1,460 residents, predominantly African Americans make up 91.3% of this neighborhood’s population. 

There have been a number of gang shootings and break-ins, which keep this neighborhood in a state of turmoil making it one of the most dangerous Nashville neighborhoods. 

Over time, there have been fatalities and hospitalizations as a result of shootings. This is considered a dangerous area of Nashville neighborhoods because, despite the police’s efforts, break-ins have only gotten worse.

Compared to the national average, crime rates are 200% higher in Buena Vista Heights. The number of violent offenses is 312% more than the national average which greatly considers it as one of Nashville neighborhoods that is dangerous to visit.

While it is usually safe to go biking or walking during the day, this is not always the case at night. Because of this, it is advised that female tourists spend the night in the suggested few hotels rather than exploring the neighborhood after dark. 

With minimal instances of pickpocketing or cash mugging, public transportation is also secure during the day.

In Buena Vista Heights, there is a 1 in 14 chance of becoming a victim of crime.



Originally designated as an antebellum house, this area of South Nashville was built by slaves in the early 19th century and eventually developed into a community. 

Assault is the most common violent crime in Glencliff with 710 events per 100000 people living in Nashville and theft is the most frequently committed property crime with 1073 incidents which considers it one of the dangerous Nashville neighborhoods. 

Though murder and robbery incidents have significantly decreased due to the police, vehicle theft is still a major worry.

The area has a current population of 7,729 people and is very safe to wander around in. 

Walking or riding a bike during the day is therefore highly recommended. However, it is advised to be vigilant when leaving the house after 9 o’clock, especially for ladies who travel alone. 

There is no need to be overly wary when carrying valuables or personal possessions while using public transit because there have been very few documented cases of cash theft.

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