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Warmer Days Ahead | 90-Day Forecast Predicts Above-Average Autumn Temperatures Across U.S.

Expect warmer days ahead in specific states like the Southeast and Alaska, where hot temperatures and clear skies are anticipated, accompanied by above-average precipitation only in these regions.

Anticipate forthcoming warmer days in particular states such as the Southeast and Alaska. (Photo: Google)

The agency’s latest 90-day forecast foresees warmer days ahead in the United States from September to November, especially in the Northeast and Southwest.

According to an article published by News 10 ABC, the agency’s recent 90-day forecast predicts warmer days ahead and weather trends across the United States from September to November. A warm autumn is anticipated for most of the country, with the Northeast and Southwest having the highest likelihood of experiencing above-average temperatures.

While no states are forecast to have colder-than-average temperatures, warmer days ahead of parts of the Midwest and Plains have an equal chance of warm or cool conditions.

Certain states will experience warmer days ahead with hot temperatures and clear skies, notably the Southeast and Alaska, while only these areas are expecting above-average precipitation.

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Conversely, the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, and warmer days ahead parts of the Southwest are projected to receive less rain than usual.

According to an article published by WPDH, in terms of rainfall, most U.S. states have an equal chance of experiencing average, below-average, or above-average levels.

El Niño’s presence typically leads to a wetter and warmer days ahead winter for the southern portion of the U.S., including California, while regions like the Pacific warmer days ahead Northwest and parts of the Ohio Valley tend to be drier and warmer.

The National Weather Service indicates a high certainty (99%) that El Niño warmer days ahead will persist through fall and a strong likelihood (95%) that it will continue into warmer days ahead early next year. The impacts of El Niño warmer days ahead are expected to become more pronounced as winter warmer days ahead approaches, reaching its peak strength during that period.

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