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Luis Urías Makes History with Consecutive Grand Slams for the Boston Red Sox

The historic achievement of Luis Urías, a veteran infielder for the Boston Red Sox, who recently became the first player in over 80 years to hit Consecutive Grand Slams.

Urías achieves the distinction of being the initial Red Sox player to score grand slams in consecutiveb pitches. (Photo: ABC7 News)

Urías Historic Consecutive Grand Slams Streak for Red Sox

CBS Sports – In a weekend series that may lack the usual fireworks of the Boston Red Sox versus New York Yankees rivalry, Luis Urías has etched his name into the annals of baseball history. Acquired from the Milwaukee Brewers at the trade deadline, the veteran infielder has become the first Red Sox player in over eight decades to achieve a remarkable feat – hitting consecutive grand slams in consecutive games.

Urías accomplished what hadn’t been seen in Boston since May 1940. He joined the elite ranks of players like Jimmie Foxx by hitting consecutive grand slams in consecutive games, a consecutive grand slam achievement that ESPN Stats & Info revealed to highlight his extraordinary accomplishment. While Foxx’s grand slams came against the same opponent in back-to-back games, Urías had to wait a few days between his monumental hits – an unparalleled consecutive grand slam record in modern Red Sox history.

This weekend, Urías continued to shatter records with consecutive grand slams. His consecutive grand slam on Saturday, delivered in his very first plate appearance of the game, marked another historic achievement. Not only did he become the first player since 2009 to hit consecutive grand slams in consecutive trips to the plate, but he also became the first No. 9 hitter for the Red Sox to knock a grand slam against the Yankees since 1990. Luis Urías’ remarkable consecutive grand slam performance reminds us that baseball’s magic lies not only in the rivalry between teams but also in the historic moments individuals create on the diamond.

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Luis Urías’ Remarkable Ascent in the Major Leagues

Yahoo Sports indicated that hitting his first grand slam in the Major Leagues just a few days prior, Urías carried that consecutive grand slams momentum forward. He stunned Yankees ace Gerrit Cole in the second inning with a powerful blast to left center, adding to his burgeoning legacy. Acquired from Milwaukee in a trade deadline deal, Urías’ journey from obscurity to the spotlight serves as a testament to the unpredictable nature of baseball and its capacity to elevate unexpected heroes.

While his overall batting average had been unremarkable before this historic surge, Urías has embraced his newfound role as a consecutive grand slams sensation. Speaking about his achievement, Urías expressed, “I hadn’t hit a grand slam throughout my career, not even in winter leagues or minor leagues. But now, I possess two, and one of them came against the Yankees in a major baseball rivalry. So, I’m very excited for it.”

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