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Aggravated Assault Charges Lead to Arrest of AEW Star Cash Wheeler | Crossroads for Wrestling Career

AEW, Wheeler’s wrestling organization, acknowledged the charge and confirmed his cooperation with authorities.

Professional wrestler facing aggravated assault charges. (Photo: Google)

AEW wrestler Cash Wheeler, aka Daniel Wheeler, was arrested by the Orlando Police Department on Friday morning for aggravated assault charges.

According to an article published by PopCulture, professional wrestler Cash Wheeler, whose real name is Daniel Wheeler, was arrested by the Orlando Police Department on Friday morning in connection with serious allegations of aggravated assault. Specifically, he is facing aggravated assault charges involving the use of a firearm, stemming from an incident on July 27.

The formal arrest warrant related to these aggravated assault charges was officially filed on July 28. In response, Wheeler entered a plea of not guilty regarding the charge of aggravated assault on August 3.

Interestingly, the trial for these aggravated assault charges was scheduled for the same day as his arrest. Wheeler is recognized as part of a wrestling duo alongside Dax Harwood, collectively known as FTR (formerly The Revival).

Presently, they hold the prestigious AEW World Tag Team Championship title, which they achieved in April after defeating The Gunns. Prior to their AEW success, Wheeler and Harwood had also made a significant impact in WWE, where they secured multiple tag team championships under their previous name, The Revival.

In light of Wheeler’s association with the AEW wrestling organization, they released an official statement acknowledging the aggravated assault charges and affirming Wheeler’s cooperation with the authorities during this matter. In the event of a guilty verdict, Wheeler could potentially face a maximum penalty of five years in prison or probation, coupled with a financial penalty.

Beyond his wrestling endeavors, Wheeler has spoken about the valuable opportunities that AEW has offered him and Harwood, enabling them to showcase their wrestling skills across various countries and promotions. He has expressed their shared aspiration to continue venturing into new wrestling experiences beyond the confines of a single company.

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The news of Wheeler’s arrest on aggravated assault charges has reverberated throughout the wrestling community, given his notable wrestling achievements and his current championship status.

According to an article published by Gamespot, naturally, questions have arisen about the potential ramifications for his wrestling career and how the wrestling community will respond.

The revelation of Wheeler’s arrest on aggravated assault charges has caused shockwaves in the wrestling world. Both fans and fellow wrestlers are grappling with the seriousness of the allegations and pondering the potential implications for Wheeler’s future in the industry.

Despite the weight of the aggravated assault charges and the legal issues, Wheeler’s colleagues within AEW have rallied behind him during this challenging period. Many are opting to withhold judgment until additional details about the incident emerge.

While the situation surrounding the aggravated assault charges is undoubtedly disconcerting, it’s crucial to uphold the principle that every individual is considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Ultimately, the legal process will determine the resolution of Wheeler’s case.

As events continue to unfold, fans of AEW and the wrestling community at large will closely monitor the developments in Wheeler’s legal proceedings on the aggravated assault charges. The uncertainty about his future adds an additional layer of complexity to the ongoing discussions about his wrestling career and his reputation.

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