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Fire On Maui Hawaii: Conspiracy Theories Explained!

During the aftermath of the fire on Maui Hawaii, numerous conspiracy outbursts.

Fire On Maui Hawaii: Conspiracy Theories Explained! (Photo: International Fire & Safety Journal)

Following the devastating fire on Maui, an outburst of conspiracy theories that have gone viral on social media. 

The claimed conspiracy: Energy weapons, artificial intelligence, 15-minute cities, and weather modification are all connected to the fire on Maui.

A man can be seen speaking along with the video posted to Instagram on August 11 that shows Maui, Hawaii’s burned-out wrecks of vehicles and structures. The video’s caption states who ignited the fire on Maui Hawaii.

Numerous assertions concerning the fire on Maui’s nature and origin are made by the narrator. Within four days, the post received almost 18,000 likes, and thousands of people shared similar posts.

In numerous ways, the video is incorrect, the use of directed energy weapons, 15-minute cities, artificial intelligence, or weather modification is not supported by any evidence. Authorities believe that while the exact cause of the fire on Maui has not yet been identified, heavy winds and dry conditions were probably contributors.

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Not energy weapons, but strong winds and parched vegetation contributed to the fire on Maui.

The second-largest Hawaiian island, Maui, has had at least 110 fatalities since August 7 as a result of wildfires that have destroyed portions of it. In what has been the deadliest U.S. inferno in more than a century, the death toll is anticipated to rise as emergency personnel continue to look for human remains among the rubble.

In a video shared on social media, Hawaii Governor Josh Green explained the extent of the fire on Maui’s property devastation. 

The biggest tourist hotspot on the island, Lahaina, had more than 2,700 structures damaged, and Gov. Josh Green claimed that worth $5.6 billion has vanished.

Contrary to what the individual in the video states, there is no proof that directed energy weapons were involved in the beginning of the fire on Maui. 

Allegations that a directed energy weapon started the fire on Maui are untrue, according to representatives from the US Forest Service and the Hawaii Department of Defense.

Authorities have identified a number of conditions that contributed to the fire on Maui, including dry vegetation, low humidity, and strong winds but the exact origin of the fire is undetermined.

A similar assertion that a social media post with hundreds of shares demonstrated that a directed energy weapon’s beam ignited the wildfires was refuted by USA TODAY. However, it is the  Falcon 9 rocket launched by SpaceX on May 22, 2018.

The man in the video also makes reference to “15-minute cities,” an idea that aims for rendering a city’s most vital amenities readily accessible to all citizens within a 15-minute walk or bike ride which is commonly misinterpreted. The fire on Maui has nothing to do with this idea.

As the man in the video asserts, there is also inadequate discussion of utilizing AI to run the island or using fires. 

Furthermore, there is no proof that weather modification plays a factor in the fire on Maui. 

The social media user who shared the post was contacted by USA TODAY for a comment but declined to respond shortly thereafter.

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