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Biden’s China Investment Restrictions: Former U.S. National Security Experts Rally Bipartisan Support

United bipartisan effort among former senior U.S. national security officials to endorse and advocate for President Joe Biden’s recent executive order, which imposes restrictions on outbound U.S. China Investment Restrictions.

China Investment Restrictions: Bipartisan consensus on the importance of this action in the face of evolving global challenges (Photo: Bloomberg)

Bipartisan Backing Grows for Biden’s China Investment Restrictions

REUTERS – A group of experienced U.S. national security experts, both Democrats and Republicans, have joined forces to support President Joe Biden’s recent executive order, China investment restrictions. This order focuses on limiting certain investments from the U.S. to China, aiming to enhance national security.

In a letter sent to leaders in Congress, including Chuck Schumer from the Democratic side and Kevin McCarthy from the Republican side, these twenty-one former officials spoke positively about the order. They see it as a significant step in preventing adversaries, like China, from using American investments for potentially harmful purposes. Their main concern is safeguarding the country’s security and prosperity by making sure that China and other foreign opponents can’t misuse American financial openness against the United States.

The letter really emphasizes how important it is to focus on boosting transparency and taking a close look at investments leaving the country. These experts are really urging Congress to give them the tools they need to make sure the order is a success. This order is all set to kick in next year, and its main aim is to put a stop to American stuff like resources and know-how from ending up helping China’s military get stronger, which could end up hurting our own national security.

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Bipartisan Endorsement Strengthens Biden’s China Investment Restrictions

As indicated in REUTERS, to be more specific, the order gives authority to the U.S. Treasury secretary to limit or even prevent investments in certain areas like semiconductors, microelectronics, quantum information technologies, and specific artificial intelligence systems, all operated within Chinese entities.

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