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Younger Generation: Gen Z And Millennials Intend To Rely Less On Social Security As They Hit Retirement Age

The younger generation plans to rely less on Social Security in the future.

Younger Generation: Gen Z And Millenials Intend To Rely Less On Social Security As They Hit Retirement Age (Photo: More Than Your Money, Inc.)

The younger generation anticipates using Social Security less once they retire, according to new statistics from New York Life.

A monthly Social Security pension is now received by millions of elderly Americans. Many people rely on this assistance as their main source of income.

About 40% of the payments that the average wage employee would have received while working will be replaced by Social Security. 

According to recent data from New York Life, the younger generation anticipates relying less on Social Security when they hit their retirement age. 

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The younger generation, the millennials and Gen Z are therefore in a great position to accumulate money and secure their financial situation before reaching retirement age.

Many workers are concerned that they won’t be able to get any benefits when they reach retirement age since Social Security is grappling with so many financial issues. Fortunately, the Trustees of the program do not believe that will occur.

A 20% reduction in benefits would currently be the worst-case situation. Although that is a significant reduction, it is not at all the same as being unable to get any monthly benefits.

However, even if benefit reductions are not implemented, retiring on Social Security alone could still be quite risky. According to New York Life, it’s encouraging to discover that members of the younger generation namely Gen Z and millennials are much less likely than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers to anticipate relying on Social Security to support themselves in retirement.

The fact that younger generations are aware of Social Security’s drawbacks is really beneficial since it puts them in a good position to save for retirement now. 

In order to build up a healthy 401(k) or IRA balance, starting to save when you’re older can be intimidating because it frequently requires substantial monthly cash outlays.

But time is on the side of the younger generation. Thus, the younger generation might make a significant influence while only making tiny initial investments in their retirement accounts.

In fact, if you put away $300 a month for 40 years, your savings account will be worth around $933,000 if you invest it at an average yearly return of 8%, which is somewhat less than the average return on the stock market.

The existence of Social Security is not in danger. Additionally, the younger generation can be confident that when it comes time to retire, they will probably be eligible to receive a monthly benefit from the program.

However, the fact that the younger generation is not overly reliant on those benefits is also a very good thing, particularly in light of the possibility of benefit reductions in the relatively near future. And even Gen Xers with a solid 10 to 20 years left in the workforce have a great opportunity to build savings and avoid financial difficulties later on. Older generations may anticipate becoming increasingly dependent on Social Security in retirement.

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