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Compromised Core Intelligence | Chinese National Accused of Spying for CIA

Upon returning to China, Zeng engages with the CIA, sharing core intelligence.

Amidst escalating rivalry, this “core intelligence” sharing incident is the latest in a string of espionage accusations between the United States and China. (Photo: Google)

Chinese national is accused of supplying military core intelligence to the CIA in exchange for compensation and immigration benefits.

According to an article published by CNN, China’s Ministry of State Security has accused a Chinese national, identified as Zeng, of providing core intelligence to the CIA. Zeng was allegedly employed by an undisclosed Chinese military-industrial group and held a position granting access to classified data.

He was sent to Italy for further studies by his employer, where he reportedly established a “close relationship” with a US embassy official who later revealed himself to be a CIA officer. In exchange for significant monetary compensation, immigration benefits for his family, and training, Zeng is alleged to have signed an espionage agreement involving core intelligence with the CIA.

After completing his studies and returning to China, Zeng reportedly met multiple times with CIA personnel, providing them with “core intelligence.” The Ministry of State Security claims to have gathered evidence of his espionage activities and has taken “compulsory measures” against him, handing the case over for review and indictment.

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This incident involving the sharing of “core intelligence” is the latest in a series of espionage accusations between the United States and China, reflecting the intensifying rivalry between the two global powers.

According to an article published by the Military, China’s Ministry of State Security, responsible for intelligence and counterintelligence both within China and abroad, has recently taken on a higher profile, actively encouraging the public to aid in combating espionage involving core intelligence. China has also expanded its counter-espionage laws to include a broader definition of espionage, encompassing not only traditional acts but also those related to core intelligence.

The deteriorating relationship between the two nations has heightened their mutual suspicion and surveillance efforts. China’s President Xi Jinping has emphasized state security as a top priority, with a particular focus on safeguarding core intelligence, while the CIA has reportedly been reorganizing its spy network to prioritize adversaries like China and Russia.

This incident also underscores the challenges and risks associated with gathering and sharing core intelligence in an era of increasingly strained international relations.

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