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Man from Meridian Idaho charged with Malicious Damage to Property and other Felony Charges after shooting at two Idaho Power Stations

Meridian man from Idaho faces multiple felony charges including malicious injury to property after shooting two Idaho power stations.

Hells Canyon Dam Power Station, one of which has been shot by Vail (Photo: Idaho Power)

A man from Meridian Idaho faces multiple felony charges including malicious injury to property after shooting at two hydroelectric power stations in Idaho causing damage of around $100,000.

After a high-speed car chase on June 9, police successfully arrests Randy Scott Vail, 58, near Cambridge, and was found to have a case holding two rifles which he allegedly use to shoot a cause a malicious injury to property on the two power stations in Idaho — The Associated Press.

Vail was arrested, riding a white sport motorcycle after allegedly causing a $100 000 malicious injury to property. The said hydroelectric powers being shot at were the Hells Canyon Dam station and the Brownlee Dam station on June 8 and 9 consecutively.

This malicious injury to property led to a brief power shutdown at the two substations.

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Malicious injury to property is expected to weigh 20-year imprisonment against Vail, states an indictment.

Vail is currently prosecuted in Adams County for his malicious injury to property. Along with this case of malicious injury to property, he is also facing a couple of counts of attempting to elude an officer and possession of destructive devices in Washington Country — Idaho News 6.

The bond for this malicious injury to property and the other two felony charges he is currently facing is set to $250 000 — KTVB 7.

Court records were unable to list an attorney who might speak on Vail’s behalf to stand against this malicious injury to property and other felony charges.

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