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Burglary Suspects Arrested on a Sunday Morning in Storey County

The burglary suspects arrested in Storey County are now held in custody.

Authorities arrested two individuals in an alleged burglary. (Photo: Google)

After an active burglary alarm went off in an Industrial Center, two individuals were arrested for an alleged burglary.

According to an article published by Kolo 8 News Now, burglary suspects arrested in Henderson, Nevada, the Storey County Sheriff’s Office caught them for suspected burglary.

The burglary suspects arrested, namely, Francis Derby Jr. and Malinda Skinner followed an active burglary alarm at a business in the Tahoe-Reno Industrial Center around 4:45 AM on a Sunday morning.

In this case, the burglary suspects arrested, Francis Derby Jr. and Malinda Skinner, were apprehended swiftly.

Upon arrival at the scene, deputies discovered from the burglary suspects arrested some break-in tools, drug paraphernalia, cell phones, auto parts, and debit cards that did not belong to Derby Jr. or Skinner. An altered check was also found. Both burglary suspects arrested have a history of burglary, according to records.

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The committed efforts of law enforcement resulted in the swift resolution of the situation, with the burglary suspects arrested, bringing a sense of security, relief, and justice to the community.

Based on an article published by 2 News, one of the burglary suspects arrested, Francis Derby Jr. faced multiple charges, which involved attempting to break into a business, having tools for burglary, holding a fake item, having stolen property, and having items related to drug use.

Among the burglary suspects arrested, Malinda Skinner faced multiple charges, which included attempting to break into a business, having tools for burglary, having a debit card without permission, having a fake document, possessing stolen items, and having drug-related items.

Authorities urge anyone with more information about the burglary suspects arrested and their case to contact the Storey County Sheriff’s Office at (775) 847-0959.

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