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Iowa Sales Tax Holiday: What you need to know

Iowans loom with excitement as the Iowa sales tax holiday is on the move, but shoppers are to be reminded of a few things.

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Stocking up on new duds during this Iowa Sales Tax Holiday? Here’s what you need to know:

As the two-day Iowa sales tax holiday begins in the state, Iowans who plan to do some back-to-school shopping should take advantage while it allows customers to buy selected items tax-free. 

Iowa sales tax holiday starts today! It’s the time of the year again when multiple discounts and tax-free privileges are now found in the items we can find as Iowans shop. Although it is an exciting time of the year for all our shoppers, here are some things that we need to consider to make the most out of this Iowa sales tax holiday – Radio Iowa.

In an article by Radio Iowa, John Fuller, the spokesman of the Iowa Department of Revenue states that the Iowa sales tax holiday always occurs on the first weekend of August annually.

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“There are some rules around this,” says Fuller.

If you plan to stock up on new duds with a discount, the Iowa sales tax holiday is the most perfect time to do so. According to Fuller, Iowans will not be charged sales tax when they purchase items that are less than $100 like clothing or shoes.

However, the Iowa sales tax holiday does not apply to items such as watches, watchbands, jewelry, or any special clothing or footwear designed mainly for athletic activity – Iowa Department of Revenue.

Iowa sales tax holiday period starts at 12:01 A.M. Friday through Midnight Saturday.

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