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New Castle County Delaware, Settles a Lawsuit Over a Police Shooting for $1 Million

The settlement demands that the New Castle County, Delaware will pay $1.05 million to the family of Lymond Moses’ legal representation.

New Castle County Delaware, Settles a Lawsuit Over a Police Shooting for $1 Million (Photo: KRIS 6 News)

The lawsuit emerging from a deadly police shooting in 2021 has been settled for more than $1 million by the officials of New Castle County, Delaware.

In the settlement that was obtained from the  New Castle County, Delaware on Thursday the county is required to pay $1.05 million to the family of Lymond Moses’ advocate.

It also calls for the rejection of the accusations leveled against the three cops involved in the incident. The settlement money will go to the legal team that defend the family who filed an alleged lawsuit that Moses was wrongfully killed and subjected to excessive force.

Lymond Moses was fatally shot on January 13, 2021 in Wilmington as he come near the three New Castle County, Delaware officers who were on duty. He had more than 100 times as much fentanyl in his bloodstream, according to the reports.

The victim’s family sued the New Castle County, Delaware for the wrongful death and excessive force naming the officers Sean Sweeney-Jones, Robert Ellis, and Roberto Ieradi as defendants. They also asserted that the policeman violated Moses’ constitutional rights and was careless. Moses’ death, in pursuant to the lawsuit was caused by the New Castle County, Delaware’s policies and practices and improper police training.

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Attorney David MacMain informed Judge L. Felipe Restrepo during the trial in June, New Castle County Delaware that Moses made a whole lot of bad decisions that night.

Moses’ family’s legal representative, Emeka Igwe, had argued that Moses had been “murdered” by “rogue officers,” and that the court should decide whether the officers and the New Castle County, Delaware should be held accountable. He also denied the claim that Ieradi, who fired the shot that annihilated Moses and has since left the police department, acted in self-defense out of concern for him and fellow officers safety.

Six weeks after the federal judge heard the claims on the defendants’ demand for a decision in their favor without a trial, the representative of Moses’ estate signed the settlement document on July 21. The New Castle County, Delaware makes no acknowledgment of fault or culpability as part of the settlement.

In the rental car’s driver’s seat, with the gearbox engaged, the engine running, and the dome light on, the cops discovered Moses unconscious, according to video from the officers’ body cameras. Moses had more than 100 times the fatal quantity of fentanyl in his system, according to a toxicology study.

After a cop used his baton to switch off the ignition while reaching through the open driver’s side window, Moses was awakened. At that point, Moses rolled up the window while the police unlocked the door.

At the time of the shooting, Moses, who had a history of drug selling and probation violation convictions dating back to 2012, was wanted for a probation violation. He was on probation for drug dealing at the time and had been detained on felony drug charges twice in the previous year.

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