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After the Police Shooting Incident, Bereaved Family of 33-year-old Ricky Cobb II Demands for Justice to Minnesota Governor

Family seeks justice after a police shooting

Racial justice groups and bereaved family presses justice from Minnesota Governor

Relatives of Black man Ricky Cobb II demanded Minnesota Governor to terminate three troopers who were involved during the traffic stop on a Minneapolis freeway.

In a report published by Fox News, Racial justice advocates and family members of Ricky Cobb II, a Black man who fell victim to a police shooting by a Minnesota State Patrol trooper earlier this week, held a press conference outside the Hennepin County Government Center.

They urged Governor Tim Walz to dismiss three officers involved in Cobb’s death following a police shooting incident during a traffic stop on a Minneapolis freeway. The police shooting occurrence transpired two days prior, as troopers pulled over Cobb’s vehicle with non-functional taillights on Interstate 94.

Allegedly, the troopers attempted to apprehend Cobb for violating a restraining order, but the situation escalated into a police shooting incident as he drove away. The gathering, attended by groups including Black Lives Matter Twin Cities, The Racial Justice Network, and Black Lives Matter Minnesota, also called for Hennepin County Attorney Mary

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Civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong, the founder of the Racial Justice Network, criticized the officers for their involvement in the unjustified police shooting, highlighting the imperative for accountability.

According to Southernminn, the victim’s mother, Nyra Fields-Miller, emotionally expressed her pain and called for the officers involved in the police shooting incident to take accountability.

Governor Tim Walz extended condolences to Cobb’s mother and guaranteed a speedy investigation into the police shooting occurrence. The demand for the officers’ dismissal by Cobb’s family remains unanswered by the governor’s office.

On Tuesday, through an official statement, Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty extended her heartfelt condolences to Mr. Cobb’s family. She also recognized the pressing need to address concerns arising from recent police shooting incidents.

Moriarty emphasized the enduring impact on the community, weighed down by the trauma and grief resulting from these unfortunate police shooting events. Importantly, she acknowledged the urgency of delivering prompt and transparent explanations to address these concerns.

Recalling the incident that occurred in May of 2020, the police shooting by Minneapolis officers resulting in the murder and tragic death of George Floyd, created an international revolt and a nationwide controversy with regard to discrimination based on race in policing.

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