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Five People Are Detained After A Local Street Takeover In Fort Worth, Including Four Teenagers

According to a news release from Fort Worth police, five people—four of whom were teenagers—were detained late on Saturday after staging a street takeover and attempting to elude authorities. Legally speaking, three of those detained are adults.

Who Is The Suspect?

Bruce Camacho, 17, was charged with evading arrest or detention, a Class A misdemeanour; Gustavo Camacho, 19, was charged with evading arrest or detention with a vehicle, a third-degree felony; and Saul Olade, 20, was charged with unauthorised use of a motor vehicle, a state jail felony.

Around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, police were called in response to a report of hot-rodders near the intersection of North Beach Street and North Tarrant Parkway, based on the press release. The group that “committed mayhem in Austin a few months ago,” according to the press release, was responsible for organising the street takeover, investigators later discovered.

When the police came, they discovered a silver and black Dodge Challenger doing doughnuts in the centre of an intersection while onlookers and videotaped them. The driver of the Dodge Challenger allegedly accelerated away from the intersection after the emergency lights and sirens were activated and started trying to avoid the responding police officers, according to the police.

Investigation Is Going On

Source: CNN

A Texas Department of Public Safety chopper followed the Challenger. During the pursuit, a Richland Hills police lieutenant overheard police radio communications, which allowed him to deploy road spikes in front of the fleeing vehicle.

The automobile was crippled by the spikes, and when the driver stopped at a QuikTrip petrol station, the passengers exited and began to flee. They allegedly went towards a Dodge Charger and climbed inside. Everyone inside the Charger accelerated as they continued to try to avoid authorities, according to the cops.

When the Charger stopped beneath a bridge near Texas 121 and South Riverside Drive, everyone inside jumped out and fled on foot. Officers then began pursuing the Charger with the help of a DPS aircraft.

According to the news release, when officers pursued them, they discovered all five occupants of the Charger, which they discovered had been reported stolen from the Addison police area. The Farmers Branch police department reported the Dodge Challenger as stolen.

The three adults were taken to the municipal jail by police after they were able to identify all five of the people who fled.Two more people were detained for juvenile offences after being classified as juveniles. According to the investigators, both cars had phoney licence plates.

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