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Arizona Ex-Lawmaker Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Sexual Misconduct with Minor

Arizona Ex-Lawmaker Sentenced to One Year in Prison for Sexual Misconduct with Minor

A former Arizona state lawmaker, Otoniel “Tony” Navarrete, has been sentenced to one year in prison for sexual misconduct with a minor. The sentencing comes after Navarrete was found guilty of one count of sexual misconduct with a child by a Maricopa County Superior Court judge. The case against Navarrete, a first-term Democrat from Phoenix, … Read more

Arizona Family’s Plea: Solve the Unsolved Stabbing Death

Arizona Family's Plea: Solve the Unsolved Stabbing Death

Nearly five years have passed since the tragic stabbing death of Carlos Chavez in Arizona, yet his family still grapples with grief and unanswered questions. On December 8, 2019, Carlos was attacked near 58th Avenue and Camelback Road, leaving his loved ones shattered and seeking closure. Carlos Chavez was more than a victim; he was … Read more

Arizona to Vote on Controversial “Fair Tax” Proposal

Arizona to Vote on Controversial "Fair Tax" Proposal

Arizona residents could soon find themselves at the forefront of a heated debate as the state prepares to vote on the contentious “Fair Tax” proposal. Spearheaded by Kevin McCarthy, the plan aims to overhaul the federal tax system, but critics warn of its potential pitfalls. The Origins Unveiled Originally conceived by an organization associated with … Read more

Tax Breaks for Dealing with Homelessness Under GOP Proposal

Arizona Republicans Push for Tax Breaks Amid Homelessness Crisis Legislative Response to Homelessness Sparks Debate According to tucson.com, Republicans in the Arizona legislature are advocating for municipalities to provide tax breaks to property owners who invest in mitigating issues arising from encampments of unhoused individuals near their properties. House Concurrent Resolution 2023, championed by House … Read more

Arizona Senate Committee Advances Tax Rebate for Seniors Amid Budget Concerns

The Arizona Senate Appropriations Committee has greenlit a new tax rebate initiative, despite looming fiscal challenges. The proposed legislation, SB 1148, aims to provide a one-time $250 rebate to taxpayers aged 65 and older. Originally, Sen. Anthony Kern, R-Glendale, suggested extending the rebate to individuals aged 55 and above. However, after deliberation, the committee settled … Read more

Arizona Attorney General Seeks to Prevent IRS Taxation of Family Rebates

Arizona Attorney General Kris Mayes is taking legal action to prevent the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) from taxing last year’s family rebates. In response to the IRS’s decision to tax these rebates, Mayes has filed legal papers urging a federal magistrate to intervene. The rebates, totaling up to $750 for eligible families, were distributed as … Read more

Phoenix Man Arrested After Stabbing Mother and Brother in Apartment

PHOENIX, Arizona – A shocking incident unfolded early this morning in Phoenix, leaving a mother and her adult son injured in a stabbing incident. Phoenix Police responded to reports of a stabbing at around 5:15 a.m. in the vicinity of Dreamy Draw Drive and Morten Avenue. Upon arrival, officers discovered a man and a woman … Read more

Arizona Man Arrested for Alleged Laser Strikes on Airplanes Landing in Phoenix

William Hill Faces Charges for Aiming Lasers at Commercial Flights and Police Helicopter In a concerning incident, Phoenix police have arrested a 35-year-old Arizona man, William Hill, accused of deliberately targeting airplanes landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with a laser. According to authorities, the arrest follows reports from the crew of a commercial … Read more

Arizona Police Identify 1992 Desert Remains as Missing Teen; Investigate Possible Serial Killer Link

In a significant breakthrough, Arizona police have identified decomposed remains found in the state’s desert in 1992 as those of Melody Harrison, a 15-year-old who went missing in June of the same year. Authorities are now delving into the circumstances of her death, exploring the unsettling possibility that she may have been a victim of … Read more

Arizona to Distribute Tax Rebates to Residents with Dependents by November 15

In a bid to provide financial relief to its residents, the state of Arizona has announced a tax rebate program that is set to benefit hundreds of thousands of taxpayers with dependents. This initiative comes as part of a nationwide trend that emerged in 2022, with several states opting to provide stimulus check-style tax rebates … Read more