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Pregnancy in Palaces: Navigating Royal Fashion Rules – From Heels to Hemlines

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Pregnancy for royal women brings a mix of perks and royal fashion rules. While it’s a time for comfy clothes, they must navigate through stringent royal fashion rules guidelines. Post-birth, a royal mother, adheres to a tradition of a photoshoot outside the hospital, with the outfit often chosen for her. Princess Catherine even had a stylist on standby after her third child’s birth in 2018.

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From Cleavage to Coats, Unveiling the Unspoken Pregnancy Fashion Rules

Despite the common discomfort of swollen ankles and sore feet during pregnancy, open-toed shoes are a royal fashion no-no. Royals are encouraged to keep their toes covered, avoiding informal footwear for formal occasions. However, some, like Meghan Markle, have dared to defy this tradition.

The laid-back joy of tracksuits and leggings is also restricted for royal mothers-to-be. Meghan Markle faced a reported ban on wearing such casual attire during her pregnancy. Exceptions exist, like Princess Catherine donning a tracksuit designed for a sports event. Royals are expected to maintain a more polished appearance even when experiencing classic pregnancy symptoms.

The challenge continues with cleavage concerns. Royal women are advised against low necklines, with Princess Diana using clever tactics to avoid any accidental exposure. This often leads to more modest clothing choices during pregnancy for royals like Meghan Markle and Princess Catherine. There’s also a strict timeline for revealing pregnancies – royals must wait at least 12 weeks. This prompts strategic outfit choices to conceal baby bumps, with distracting prints and baggy coats becoming go-to options.

Even in the face of rising body temperatures during pregnancy, royals, pregnant or not, are expected to keep their coats on during official events. Disrobing in public is seen as distasteful according to royal protocol, and this rule extends to pregnant royals. Pantyhose, uncomfortable for many, are an unspoken rule in the royal family. Although Princess Catherine has occasionally broken this guideline, it remains a noticeable part of royal maternity fashion.

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Pregnant Royals Navigate Style Protocol: From Hemlines to Heels, Breaking Down the Royal Fashion Rules

While hemlines are generally strictly regulated, pregnant royals are allowed a slight exception. Princess Catherine, for instance, has been known to wear slightly shorter skirts to distract from her growing bump. This slight flexibility adds a touch of practicality to royal maternity fashion.

Unsurprisingly, midriff-baring crop tops are off-limits for pregnant royals. The only exception was Princess Catherine wearing a bikini on a private vacation in 2013, but even then, it faced privacy issues. Royal women typically stick to heels, even during pregnancy. This enduring fashion choice, favored by Princess Diana, Princess Catherine, and Meghan Markle, is a staple at formal events, maintaining an elegant appearance.

Wearing all-black outfits for simplicity is a luxury denied to royal women outside funerals or Remembrance Day ceremonies. Meghan Markle broke this rule on occasion, using black to deflect attention from herself onto the causes she supported. In the realm of royal fashion rules during pregnancy, comfort often takes a backseat to tradition and protocol. Despite the challenges, royals manage to navigate maternity fashion with grace and style.

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