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Criminal Minds: Evolution’s Shocking Exit – Josh Stewart Bids Farewell to Iconic Role

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Fans of “Criminal Minds: Evolution” were taken by surprise as news broke of the unexpected departure of Josh Stewart, the actor behind the beloved character Will LaMontagne Jr. Stewart, who expressed his sentiments on social media, announced the end of his days playing the iconic role, leaving viewers in anticipation of the impact on the show’s storyline and dynamic.

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A Pivotal Journey in the ‘Criminal Minds’ Universe

Josh Stewart’s journey in the “Criminal Minds” universe began in the original CBS drama’s second season, portraying NOPD detective William LaMontagne Jr. His character’s evolution reached a pivotal moment in the series when he married Special Agent J.J. Jareau, played by A.J. Cook, in a two-part Season 7 finale. Stewart’s presence continued to make a lasting impression, particularly in “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” where his character faced health struggles, mirroring a real-life illness experience.

The departure of Stewart, a long-time cast member, resonates deeply with fans, marking a significant change for “Criminal Minds: Evolution.” His portrayal of Will LaMontagne Jr. contributed to the show’s legacy and emotional depth, creating a character that viewers connected with over the years.

The impact of Stewart’s exit reverberates through the fabric of the spinoff series, “Criminal Minds: Evolution,” which pits elite FBI profilers against a network of serial killers cultivated during the pandemic. As the show continues its narrative journey, the absence of Will LaMontagne Jr. leaves audiences eager to see how the remaining cast members navigate this monumental change while upholding the show’s revered legacy.

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The Unveiling of a New Chapter

As “Criminal Minds: Evolution” gears up for its second season premiere, the absence of Josh Stewart’s character sparks curiosity about the future direction of the narrative. Fans are left pondering the implications of this departure on the evolving storyline, wondering how the show’s creators will navigate this significant change while retaining the essence that has captivated audiences since its inception.

The departure of Josh Stewart from “Criminal Minds: Evolution” has sent ripples throughout the fanbase, creating a mixture of excitement and apprehension as the show enters its next chapter. The legacy of Will LaMontagne Jr. continues to resonate, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the unveiling of new and unforeseen trajectories that the series will embark upon in its evolution without Stewart’s iconic presence.

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