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Atlanta Woman Arrested in Auburn, Faces Theft and Card Fraud Charges

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In a recent news update by WTVM, 33-year-old Lakisha Nicole Hancock from Atlanta has been arrested in Auburn, Alabama, on felony charges related to theft and debit/credit card fraud. The arrest follows an incident in July 2023, where multiple theft reports were filed with the Auburn Police Department, involving the theft of items, including bank cards, from two different locations.

Photo from WTVM

Arrest Stemming from July 2023 Incident

Auburn Police Department’s investigation revealed that Hancock faces three counts of fraud for using debit/credit cards and two counts of third-degree theft of property. The incidents occurred at a business on Gatewood and another on East Glenn Avenue, with fraudulent activities reported on the victims’ cards at various locations.

Following the theft reports on July 20, 2023, unrelated victims identified Hancock as the suspect who allegedly stole their belongings, leading to the subsequent charges. Mobile Police Department collaborated with Auburn detectives to secure warrants for Hancock’s arrest.

Hancock was apprehended on January 16, and she is currently held at the Lee County Jail on a $6,500 bond. The cooperation between law enforcement agencies underscores the commitment to addressing cross-jurisdictional criminal activities.

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Legal Proceedings and Bond Amount

The charges against Hancock involve fraudulent use of debit/credit cards and third-degree theft, reflecting the severity of the alleged crimes. Legal proceedings will unfold as Hancock remains in custody, awaiting further court actions.

The $6,500 bond set for Hancock signals the financial obligation associated with her release. The bond amount serves as a measure to ensure her appearance in future court proceedings, emphasizing the legal consequences she may face.

The arrest underscores the collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies in addressing criminal activities, providing a sense of justice for the victims and reinforcing the commitment to maintaining community safety.

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