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Shakira’s Legacy: A Bronze Ode to Music and Philanthropy in Barranquilla

Shakira's Legacy: A Bronze Ode to Music and Philanthropy in Barranquilla
Source: The Express Tribune

Grammy-winning Colombian sensation Shakira, renowned as one of the world’s top-selling musicians, has been immortalized in a striking 6.5-meter (21-foot) bronze statue in her hometown of Barranquilla. Mayor Jaime Pumarejo, flanked by the singer’s parents, revealed the captivating sculpture along the scenic banks of the Magdalena River on a momentous Tuesday.

Shakira Honoured with a Bronze Statue by Artist Yino Marquez

The statue, crafted by artist Yino Marquez, captures Shakira in her iconic belly-dancing pose, sending a powerful message of empowerment to millions of girls. Mayor Pumarejo, reflecting on Shakira’s early performances at local children’s concerts, remarked, “It shows millions of girls that they can pursue their dreams, and any of them can achieve what they want.” The bronze figure portrays the long-haired singer, with arms overhead, gracefully engaged in belly dancing, clad in a sheer skirt adorned with shiny aluminum decorations.

Shakira's Legacy: A Bronze Ode to Music and Philanthropy in Barranquilla

Source: Reuters

A Symbol of Inspiration: Tribute to Shakira’s Achievements and Activism

The accompanying plaque pays homage to Shakira’s remarkable contributions to music, recognizing her recent triumph at the 2023 Latin Grammy Awards, where she secured three prestigious accolades. Beyond her musical prowess, the tribute highlights Shakira’s philanthropic endeavors, particularly her charity “Pies descalzos” (Spanish for “bare feet”), dedicated to early childhood development.

The plaque reads, “A heart that composes, hips that do not lie, an unmatched talent, a voice that moves masses, and feet that march for the good of children and humanity.” This eloquent description encapsulates Shakira’s multifaceted impact on the world, celebrating not only her musical genius but also her commitment to social causes.

Barranquilla’s Gift to the World: Shakira’s Enduring Connection

While Shakira currently resides in Miami, the unveiling ceremony resonated with her deep connection to Barranquilla. In a statement from the mayor’s office, Shakira expressed her gratitude, stating that she felt honored by the monumental statue. Emphasizing that Barranquilla will always be her home, the singer acknowledges the significance of the city in shaping her identity and inspiring her artistic journey.

Shakira's Legacy: A Bronze Ode to Music and Philanthropy in Barranquilla

Source: Oprah Daily

The bronze ode to Shakira stands as a symbol of inspiration, reminding the world of the indelible mark she has left on the realms of music and philanthropy. As her statue graces the park along the Magdalena River, it becomes a testament to the power of art, music, and the enduring spirit of a global icon who continues to influence and uplift generations.

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