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Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Revealed: High Crime Rates Spark Concerns

Chicago's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Revealed
Chicago's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Revealed

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Areas Raising Alarms for Safety in the Windy City

Chicago, known for its vibrant culture and economic significance, is grappling with the notoriety of certain neighborhoods plagued by crime and violence. With a population exceeding 2.7 million, the city faces challenges as it contends with crime rates 67% higher than the national average. Here, we unveil the ten most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago, shedding light on the pressing issue of public safety.

  1. Chicago's Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Revealed

    Chicago’s Most Dangerous Neighborhoods Revealed

    Washington Park: Topping the list, Washington Park emerges as the most dangerous neighborhood, experiencing a staggering 701% higher violent crime rates than the national average. With a population of 12,707, residents face an overall crime rate 297% higher than the rest of the country.

  2. West Garfield Park: Situated on Chicago’s South Side, West Garfield Park grapples with a violent crime rate 257% higher than the city’s average, primarily attributed to extensive gang activity.
  3. Englewood: Another South Side neighborhood, Englewood, housing 24,369 residents, struggles with crime rates 125% higher than the Chicago average, marked by a historical prevalence of poverty and a surge in violent incidents.
  4. North Lawndale: Once a thriving West Side neighborhood, North Lawndale’s fortunes dwindled after the 2008 recession. With a crime rate 198% higher than the Chicago average, the area faces challenges, including a high percentage of men with criminal records.
  5. East Garfield Park: Nestled in West Chicago, East Garfield Park contends with a historically high rate of violent and property crimes, creating an environment marred by gun violence and gang activities.
  6. West Englewood: Located in Southwest Chicago, West Englewood exhibits an overall crime rate twice the city’s average, with residents facing elevated risks of violent and property crimes.
  7. Austin: Situated on the West end of Chicago, Austin ranks high in violent and property crimes, emphasizing the need for increased safety measures.
  8. Grand Crossing: This South Side neighborhood, with a population of 31,471, grapples with crime rates 317% higher than the national average, particularly troubled by gun violence.
  9. Riverdale: Positioned on the far South end of Chicago, Riverdale faces a high rate of violent crime, leaving residents with a 1 in 39 chance of becoming victims.
  10. South Shore: Known for its lakeside beauty, South Shore sees an overall crime rate of 7,573 incidents per 100,000 people, prompting concerns about safety and emphasizing the importance of community awareness.


While many of these neighborhoods have contributed significantly to Chicago’s cultural tapestry, they simultaneously grapple with the challenge of being labeled among the most dangerous areas in the city. For those considering relocating or investing, thorough research and community engagement are crucial to navigating the complex landscape of Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.

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