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Discover The Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada That You Should Avoid

Find out about the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

Discover The Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada That You Should Avoid (Photo: USNews.com)

Nevada, home to the Hoover Dam, Reno, and the renowned Las Vegas, has seen considerable urban growth in recent years, particularly with the influx of new inhabitants from California. 

Nevada is actually an array of neighborhoods, with many safe and pleasurable places for families and single people to live in large cities and their suburbs.

But it is not all glamour and opulence. Nevada has a darker side as well, ranking among the states with the highest risk of violent crime in the nation.

But despite the fact that crime does happen, not all sections of major cities are lawless; in fact, many of them make excellent neighborhoods to live in or go to. Unfortunately, other places are vulnerable to robbery and theft since casinos have so much cash circulating around them.

Nevertheless, the abundance of cash passing through Nevada’s casinos can make them an alluring target for thieves and robbers, leading to hotspots for these crimes. Therefore, it’s crucial to have knowledge of the most dangerous cities in Nevada if you’re thinking about moving to or visiting the state. 

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To find out more about the most dangerous cities in Nevada, keep reading if you’re wanting to relocate there or just visit!

5 Most Dangerous Cities in Nevada


The first on the list of the most dangerous cities in Nevada is Mesquite, a little community with a population of just under 20,000 that is close to the borders of Arizona and Utah which is known for its casinos.

Outsiders wishing to gamble across state lines frequently visit this location because it is close to both borders.

The non-resident population attracts crime even if Mesquite doesn’t have the highest rate in the state. With a recorded crime rate of 12.26 per 1,000 persons overall, this is nevertheless significant for such a small community.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas, sometimes known as “Sin City,” has a well-deserved reputation for being a criminal hotspot, gaining its spot in the most dangerous cities in Nevada. Since it has the most residents of any city in Nevada, Las Vegas records the most crimes there. It leads the state in every violent crime category, including homicide, rape, assault, and auto theft. In Las Vegas, where the violent crime rate is 5.36, there is a 1 in 190 risk that you will become a victim of violent crime.

Reno and Las Vegas frequently competed for the title of the most dangerous city in Nevada. Even though it has the most recorded crimes in the state, Sin City has recently slipped to second place in the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

The likelihood of being a victim of a violent crime within the city borders is 5.36, which translates to a 1 in 190 chance. Numerous establishments, including casinos, nightclubs, and bars, are crime-prone due to the dense population, adding to the sin city concept.


Reno, a city in Northern Nevada next to Lake Tahoe, has earned the title of being one of the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

Although Reno has a much lower population than Las Vegas, it has recently gained a reputation for crime. Violent crime rates in the city were 5.66, higher than in Las Vegas, and overall crime rates were 27.75 per 1,000 residents.

When demographic disparities are taken into account, Reno outperformed Las Vegas in 2022 with shocking 1,419 violent crime incidents. It is impossible to ignore the contrast given that Reno has 1.05 reported violent offenses per capita compared to Las Vegas.


Henderson, the second-largest city in the state and a satellite of Las Vegas, has experienced sustained growth rates above 30% for several years, making it one of the fastest-growing regions in the country.

The location is mostly secure despite its fame and proximity to Las Vegas but still gained the spot as one of the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

But compared to other Nevada communities, Las Vegas has a substantially higher violent crime rate—10.7 crimes committed against  1,000 citizens.

Northern Nevada

The nearest neighbor to Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, has a population of around 250,000 and a violent crime rate that is double the national average, with the most severe crimes being aggravated assault making it one of the most dangerous cities in Nevada.

With a population of 317,000 and an overall crime rate of 17.13, violent crime is a considerable problem in comparison to property crime.

North Las Vegas has a far higher crime rate than the rest of the city but is significantly lower than Las Vegas.

The crime rate in North Las Vegas has decreased recently, though, which has boosted new construction.

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