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Minneapolis Police Department Increases Patrols in Uptown Following The Recent Crimes

Minneapolis Police Department takes action as crime rates increase in Uptown. 

Minneapolis Police Department Increases Patrols in Uptown Following The Recent Crimes (Photo: ABC News)

In response to the recent burglaries and break-ins, Uptown residents are uniting to reclaim their community with the aid of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Residents of Lowry Hill East organize safety walks and report their security cameras to the Minneapolis Police Department. Officers from the Minneapolis Police Department have enhanced patrols in the neighborhood since the crime, including home burglaries, shootings and carjackings has lately surged in the area.

One of the residents, Dave Whorton told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that his home security cameras at the intersection of 27th Street West and Fremont Avenue South had captured multiple shots being fired, an armed robbery, home invasion, carjacking and multiple robberies. Whorton claimed that the pattern began in April 2022.

Whorton stated that while Minneapolis Police Department is understaffed and working as hard as it can local residents, businesses and nonprofit organizations are being organized as part of a neighborhood wide campaign to raise awareness and seek punishment for those responsible for the crimes, with the presence of the Minneapolis Police Department.

Whorton added that everyone is being urged that it is always preferable to err on the side of caution even when uncertain.

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Make a police report to Minneapolis Police Department

Call 911, call the Minneapolis Police Department, Whorton added.

Repost to the Minneapolis Police Department immediately.

According to Whorton, they are making an effort to register their cameras. In order for the Minneapolis Police Department to know where to go, persons who own security cameras should register them with the city.

J.P. Tracy, who has spent his whole life in or close to the Uptown neighborhood, told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that he and his wife have recently started discussing how they handle leaving their house late at night.

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