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Colorado Voter: Decide on Redirecting Sports Betting Taxes

Colorado Voters to Decide on Redirecting Sports Betting Tax Revenue to Water Conservation Projects

Governor Polis Signs Law Directing Surplus Sports Betting Taxes to Water Conservation in Colorado

According to TheCenterSquare, In November, Colorado The idea came from Proposition DD, which voters approved in 2019. It allowed sports betting in Colorado and put a 10% tax on it. At first, the money was supposed to go to water projects and public plans. But now, the extra money will be used to make sure Colorado has enough water for the future. Supporters think this change is a smart move to protect water resources for the next generations.

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Colorado Voter: Decide on Redirecting Sports Betting Taxes (PHOTO: CDC)

Colorado’s Surplus Sports Betting Revenue Sparks Debate Over Water Conservation Priorities

Even though the Colorado Gaming Association is happy that sports betting is making more money than expected, people who care about the environment say it’s urgent to focus on saving water. With Colorado facing new water challenges, what voters decide in November will be very important for the state’s future. With both sides of politics supporting the change and more people understanding the need to save water, voters will have a big role in deciding how Colorado manages its water for years to come.

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