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California’s $2 Billion Pledge: A Lifeline for Underserved Students Struggling to Recover from Pandemic Learning Loss

In Los Angeles, Kelly R, a parent, joked about not receiving a fat check while helping her daughters with homework. She, along with others, sued California, pushing for more support for underserved students, especially low-income Black and Latino kids, who faced greater setbacks during the pandemic. Kelly shared the challenges of virtual schooling, dealing with glitchy computers, and unreliable internet, highlighting the abrupt transition to becoming teachers without any training.

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California Commits $2 Billion to Tackle Pandemic Learning Loss: Landmark Settlement Aims at Recovery for 6 Million Affected Students

The lawsuit resulted in California agreeing to allocate $2 billion to aid the most affected children in recovering from pandemic learning loss and mental health impacts due to school closures. While the federal government granted over $190 billion for this purpose, the lawsuit argued that California failed to ensure targeted assistance for students in need.

Around 10,000 public schools closed in California, affecting about 6 million students. Many faced digital access issues, broken equipment, and teachers unprepared for remote learning challenges. The settlement, yet to be enacted into law, directs school districts to use extended school days, tutors, and mental health professionals, closely monitored by the state.

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Legal Victory in California Sparks Hope for Nationwide Change Amid Pandemic Learning Loss Crisis

Mark Rosenbaum, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, emphasized the urgency of addressing the crisis, hoping the California settlement would serve as a model for other states. The lawsuit highlights the ongoing struggles for students, like Jordan, who returned to in-person instruction without a proper assessment of their learning and mental health needs.

Experts reveal that the pandemic learning loss caused a significant drop in students’ math achievement, especially in higher poverty districts. The fear is that some students may never catch up. Kelly, sharing her concerns, hopes this legal action will prompt the nation to address historical educational inequities and prevent further setbacks for kids. The $2 billion commitment aims to be a lifeline for those who need it the most in their journey to recovery.

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