Institutionalizing Empowerment: A Latina Sorority for Davidson

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Angelina Gurrola- Davidson College prides itself on its commitment to a diverse community. Whether this diversity comes from socioeconomic status, race, or nationality, Davidson preaches this commitment in its admissions, academics, and extracurriculars. However, its diversity with respect to PCC [Patterson Court Council] culture has historically been limited. Although itRead More

Presenting Visibility, Passing Blindness

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Jalin Jackson- Two weeks ago, I submitted a Perspectives piece on the history of color-blindness at Davidson College and how students and administrators have used inclusivity as an argument against the diversification of Greek life here as early as 1989. As the Latino fraternity interest group nears the end ofRead More

Photo of Javier courtesy of Jonathan Sheperd-Smith

No Man Is An Island: An Unlikely Friendship

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Jonathan Sheperd-Smith When I first met my roommate Javier this summer at the Ford School of Public Policy, there were a multitude of reasons for us to have said our introductions and never have another meaningful interaction. As far as we were concerned, we were from different planets; Javier,  aRead More

Some students rely on the Union Station for a late-night pick-me-up
Photo by Erin Gross

The Union Station Closure: A Microcosm of Late Capitalism

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Lucas Weals- Death is a meme. On Facebook we mourned Prince and David Bowie, though their heydays long preceded us. We tweeted our tears and outrage for Harambe, Cincinatti’s late Great Ape, almost anonymous before his senseless death. Now we lament the passing of the Union Station, and all theRead More

“I Don’t See Greek”: Redefining Inclusivity at Davidson

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Jalin Jackson- In the United States, many criticize the system for its failure to provide change inclusive enough to satisfy diverse populations. This system, whose evolutionary apparatus has been a combination of racism and white supremacy, cannot improve as long as its inconsistencies remain unchanged or are changed without itsRead More