Tragic Family Clash in Missouri Man Accused of Shooting Two Stepsons in Violent Home Dispute

Last week, a man claimed to have shot and killed his wife’s boys at their home, saying he was acting to defend himself.

Terrill Anderson is accused of second-degree murder, attempted criminal action, voluntarily killing someone, and armed criminal action, according to the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office.

According to Independence Police’s suspicious activity statement, the caller claimed that her husband had “shot her two sons,” and at around 8:25 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 29, officers were called to the residence. Eight shot shells were discovered close by when officers discovered the two victims, identified by WDAF-TV as Adonis Knight and Mario Batrez, dead on the kitchen floor.

Missouri Man in Custody After Shooting Stepsons in Tragic Confrontation

According to the police, Anderson’s three biological children—all of whom are less than 18—were there in the house when it happened and were taken out.

The probable cause statement states that video surveillance that was taken from the house by the investigators revealed two assaults: one in the sub-basement and the other at the home’s garage door.

According to the authorities, Anderson reached the stairs close to the first victim, who was holding a knife, while armed with a revolver in the living room. The victim was shielded by an unidentified person, authorities said. The second victim was using his cell phone when Anderson is reported to have fired two warning rounds into the kitchen ceiling.

The first victim, according to the police, attempted to strike Anderson more than once, but the suspect is said to have shot him, causing the victim to fall to the ground. Subsequently, it is said that Anderson shot the second victim twice more, sending him sprawling to the ground.

Anderson allegedly turned around and shot the first victim once again before trampling on him and firing at his head, according to the police. Police observed in the probable cause statement that after being shot, neither victim seemed to pose a threat.

Police claim that Anderson told investigators that he was attacked in the subbasement by the victims and that he shot his two stepsons to defend himself. According to reports, Anderson informed authorities that the first victim had a knife, and he thought the second victim had a gun. Anderson is still being imprisoned at the Jackson County Correctional Facility.



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