Kermith AlvarezKermith Alvarez

In a significant breakthrough in the investigation of the tragic shooting incident in Holyoke, Massachusetts, a third suspect, Kermith Alvarez, aged 28, surrendered himself to authorities. His surrender, which took place on Friday, was confirmed by the Hampden District Attorney’s office. Alvarez had been evading law enforcement since the shooting on October 4 that resulted in the tragic death of a newborn.

Kermith Alvarez
Kermith Alvarez

Alvarez, whose name appeared on the Massachusetts State Police’s 10 most wanted list, is scheduled to be formally arraigned on Monday at the Holyoke District Court. He faces a serious murder charge in connection with the incident. As of now, he has not been assigned legal representation to speak on his behalf, according to the court clerk’s office.

The Hampden District Attorney, Anthony D. Gulluni’s office, shared in a statement that all individuals involved in the shooting have been identified and are now in custody, marking a crucial turning point in the ongoing investigation.

Previously, two other suspects had been named and arraigned on murder charges. Johnluis Sanchez, 30, and Alejandro Ramos, 22, both residents of Holyoke, were arraigned last month. Sanchez, who was one of the suspects, had sustained a gunshot wound during the episode and was subsequently hospitalized.

The case has gripped the local community due to the tragic circumstances surrounding the shooting, which led to the premature birth of a child that, sadly, did not survive. The surrender of the third suspect, Alvarez, is a pivotal development in the ongoing efforts to bring justice to the victims and their families.

This surrender adds to the closure sought in the aftermath of the heartbreaking incident, with law enforcement now having all suspects in custody related to this tragic event.

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