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Mississippi Man Receives 75-Year Sentence for Sledgehammer Attack on Wife

A Mississippi judge has handed down a substantial 75-year prison sentence to Vinet Moore, a 43-year-old man convicted of a brutal attack involving a sledgehammer on his wife, along with a subsequent shooting.

Mississippi Man Receives 75-Year Sentence for Sledgehammer Attack on Wife
Mississippi Man Receives 75-Year Sentence for Sledgehammer Attack on Wife

The incident, which occurred on September 9, 2021, prompted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department to respond to a distress call at a residence on Brookstone Drive. Deputies engaged in a confrontation with Moore, who had reportedly attacked his wife with a sledgehammer, subsequently holding her hostage while exchanging gunfire with law enforcement. Miraculously, two children, aged 9 and 15, managed to escape through a window to seek safety.

The victim, seriously injured, was swiftly taken by medics to Ocean Springs Hospital and later transferred to USA Medical Center in Mobile, Alabama, where she fortunately survived her injuries.

Reports from the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office detailed the horrific event, describing Moore’s intrusion into the house and the violent attack on his wife. During the altercation, Moore held the victim captive and shot her in the side when she attempted to flee.

Following his conviction on October 30 for charges including kidnapping, aggravated assault, and burglary of an inhabited dwelling, Jackson County Judge Calvin Taylor disregarded Moore’s attempts to blame the victim and issued a 75-year sentence in the Mississippi Department of Corrections. The ruling mandates that Moore serve a minimum of 50 years.

District Attorney Angel Myers McIlrath condemned Moore’s actions, highlighting his lack of remorse and manipulative behavior, labeling him a narcissistic abuser who has tormented the victim for an extended period.

McIlrath praised the bravery of the children involved, acknowledging their courage in seeking help for their mother and escaping from the harrowing situation.

This verdict serves as a stern warning against domestic violence and emphasizes the severe consequences for such heinous acts within the Mississippi community.


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