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Florida Couple Accused of Kidnapping, Assaulting, and Attempted Murder After Date

In a shocking and disturbing incident, a Florida couple has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping and assaulting a man they met on a social media date. The victim narrowly escaped with his life after a harrowing ordeal that left him in a life-threatening situation.

Florida Couple Accused of Kidnapping, Assaulting, and Attempted Murder After Date
Florida Couple Accused of Kidnapping, Assaulting, and Attempted Murder After Date

Natalie Fonseca and her acquaintance, Nafis Reynolds, are now facing a litany of charges, including attempted murder, armed carjacking, armed robbery, and kidnapping. The incident unfolded in Escambia County and has sent shockwaves through the local community.

The ordeal began when the victim and Natalie Fonseca connected through social media and decided to go on a date. As the evening progressed, they went to Fonseca’s residence, where she introduced the victim to her “uncle,” Nafis Reynolds. Little did the victim know that this meeting would turn into a nightmare.

After spending some time at the victim’s home, the trio left, and the situation took a dark and violent turn. According to the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office, Fonseca and Reynolds began assaulting the victim while they were on the road, threatening him with death. They reportedly stole the victim’s belongings, including his shoes, phone, money, and car.

The terrifying turn of events culminated in the couple allegedly taking turns cutting the victim’s throat before throwing him over a bridge railing and into the Escambia River. Despite the severity of his injuries and the fall from the bridge, the victim miraculously survived and managed to swim to safety on the riverbank. He then sought help from a passing deputy.

Law enforcement swiftly moved into action, and both Reynolds and Fonseca were apprehended. They were subsequently arrested on the aforementioned charges and have been detained at the Escambia County Jail since October 23. The couple’s bond has been set at $852,000 for Fonseca and $851,000 for Reynolds.

This shocking incident has left the local community stunned, as the details of the alleged crime continue to emerge. The victim’s survival and quick action to seek help from law enforcement played a crucial role in bringing the accused to justice. The case serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers associated with online interactions and the need for vigilance when meeting individuals from the internet.

As the legal proceedings against the accused couple progress, the local community is left to grapple with the disturbing nature of the alleged crimes committed during what was supposed to be a simple date.


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