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Baltimore Police Charge Teen and Seek Second Suspect in Morgan State Shooting

Baltimore, Maryland – In a significant development, Baltimore police have charged a 17-year-old male with multiple counts of attempted murder in connection with the shooting at Morgan State University last week, which left five people injured. Authorities are now actively seeking a second suspect, identified as Jovan Williams, 18, from Washington, D.C., who is considered armed and dangerous.

Baltimore Police Charge Teen and Seek Second Suspect in Morgan State Shooting
Baltimore Police Charge Teen and Seek Second Suspect in Morgan State Shooting

The charged teenager remains unidentified, but he was apprehended in the District on Thursday, indicating that the incident has crossed state lines. Meanwhile, Jovan Williams is wanted for his alleged involvement in the shooting and is the subject of attempted murder warrants. Washington, D.C. police are also pursuing Williams in a major federal gang case, further highlighting the gravity of the situation.

This shocking incident unfolded on the first night of the university’s homecoming festivities on October 3. Gunfire erupted near Thurgood Marshall Hall, a dormitory at Morgan State, prompting the campus to be locked down and causing officials to postpone or cancel homecoming events. The victims of the shooting, including four students aged 18 to 22 and one visitor from Baltimore County, were not the intended targets. Police believe that the shooters were targeting someone who escaped injury during the attack.

The authorities initially feared a mass shooting was in progress, leading to a substantial police response, including a SWAT team and room-by-room building searches. This incident has raised concerns as it marks the third consecutive year that homecoming activities at the university have been marred by gunfire, prompting the university to take steps to enhance security, such as the installation of a campus wall, metal detectors, and increased security personnel.

The investigation leading to these arrests relied on surveillance video, which helped authorities identify the suspects. However, neither of the arrested individuals has any connection to Morgan State University. Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan J. Bates expressed his concerns, highlighting the situation as a reflection of the spillover of crime from Washington, D.C. into Baltimore.

While the arrests are a significant step toward bringing justice to the victims and the Morgan community, the search for Jovan Williams continues. Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley emphasized, “We will not rest until Williams is in custody.” As the investigation unfolds, the authorities are likely to gain a clearer understanding of the circumstances surrounding the shooting and the motive behind it.


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