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Rachel Goodle, A Former Oak Creek High School Teacher, Pleaded Not Guilty

Rachel Goodle pleaded not guilty on August 29.

Rachel Goodle, A Former Oak Creek High School Teacher, Pleaded Not Guilty (Photo: NewsBreak Original)

In court on Tuesday morning, Rachel Goodle, a former Oak Creek High School teacher who has been accused of sexually assaulting a student, entered a not guilty plea.

14 year old Oak Creek High School student allegedly claimed to have had intercourse with teacher Rachel Goodle, 22 years old, in the criminal complaint. 

Rachel Goodle is charged with two felonies. One case of second degree sexual assault of a minor and another act of sexual assault of a pupil by school staff.

Rachel Goodle filed a second lawsuit against her previous employer in an effort to prevent the disclosure of her disciplinary tracks which are accessible to the public because she worked for the public sector. 

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Det. Zachary Case of the Oak Creek police testified this morning and claimed that in December 2022, Rachel Goodle and the student had sex in her classroom. 

According to police detective Zachary Case, security footage from December 2, 2022, shows that Rachel Goodle and the pupil were left alone in the classroom for more than an hour.

During Rachel Goodle’s preliminary hearing on Tuesday, Detective Zach Case thoroughly and on oath described the investigation he conducted into a possible unethical student-teacher relationship at Oak Creek High School involving Rachel Goodle.

Case stated in his report that he became aware of the accusations in January while serving as the school resource officer.

Until a follow-up interview with the student in May, the alleged victim, his family, and Rachel Goodle all flatly denied the accusations.

The student later acknowledged that the situation in Rachel Goodle’s class devolved into sex, according to Case.

To prevent the disclosure of her employment file and discipline records, Rachel Goodle sued the school district once more in civil court.

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